About Finance

The Finance department is at the very centre of all the council’s activities making sure that the council manages its financial affairs effectively so that public money is used appropriately and economically and the very best services are delivered for our residents and customers.

Finance is comprised of 5 teams with a mix of front line and support services. The Local Tax and Accounts Receivable team collects the business rates, council tax and other income that makes a significant financial contribution to the council’s operations. The Accountancy team provides financial advice, helps directorates find savings, sets the operational budgets, monitors the council’s spending, and prepares the accounts for services. The Financial Consultancy team provides project based support to departments and strategic finance advice, including complex financial analysis and modelling. The Corporate Finance team helps develop and implement the strategic financial direction of the council through the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS), produces the annual statement of accounts, manages the council’s cash, and the pension fund. Audit and Investigations provides the assurance functions, including internal audit, risk management, and counter fraud services, and is part of a shared service with Hounslow.

The Finance team work as a collaborative and cohesive function using the business partnering concept to both enable and facilitate the council in achieving its objectives whilst remaining focused on its core financial values and accountability. This approach provides greater flexibility to help the council to deliver its multiple objectives in a fast paced environment.

Our forward thinking approach to finance needs professionals who are innovative yet well-grounded in local government finance and have the ability to show initiative whilst being able to identify the key issues and considerations.

The Finance team champion new ways of working making use of the latest technology available to create a truly flexible working environment where the focus is on output not time spent in the office.

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